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India's richest man's telecommunication company is buzzing all over the world from few months. Launched with the most exciting offers anyone can dream of Jio became the big name in the market so fast. Beating Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and many other big players Jio even secured top position in most downloaded app list in Play Store too.
Talking about the Jio logo, a simple logo with just text overlayed on a plain background. But this logo got a hidden meaning behind it.
Once the logo's mirror image is taken, it will show as Oil.
This might be a move from Ambani to show what was the stepping stone to his success. Reliance journey started there and then went ahead and reached to what Reliance is now.

Here are few famous logos which you see in your daily life, and you never bothered to know why this. I Bet.

Baskin Robbins:

Yeah, the Caton born ice cream chain have been serving you with yummy coldies since 1954. I know the blue-pink logo always grabs your attention, how much ever hurry you're moving through the roads. Have you every wondered why this logo? Yeah, I do understand in the hurry of having ice cream who have got time to check with the logo in-depth right?

Look closely. What has written in pink ? 31. Yeah, the company is known for its 31 flavors slogan which implicates that a customer could have a different flavor every day in a month.


This courier service is quite famous all over the world. I wonder, have you ever noticed what has hidden in their logo other than FedEx written in plain text.
Check out what is there in between E and X in the logo.

Yeah, you got it. That arrow is facing forward. 


Much easy one. That arrow leading from a to z means what all variety of stuff Amazon have got.

Sun Microsystems:

The letter U arranged eight times this is how Sun Microsystems logo looks. Try reading it from different angles. ;)

I recently read something on the web while I was doing my regular daily reading. It was one of the most motivating piece of read I ever saw. I didn't want to copy the exact thing over here so I would tell you the stuff in brief.

It happened in a workplace where the senior executive was giving a session. The session was about how high self-worth is in today’s competitive world.

This was what he did, He took out a Rs.1000 currency from his pocket and asked the peeps out there to assume this currency refers to each of them sitting over there, i.e., Each of you is worth Rs.1000.

Source: As in image.

Then he crumpled the currency like we do with the paper before it lands the waste bin. Then he said, "boys, this is the crumpled you, look.”
Then he dropped to the ground and stomped on it with his feet.
After a while, he picked it over and this is what he had to say to all those whose were sitting seeing this weird action.
“This currency is still worth thousand rupees. It may be soiled; it might be crumpled, but it still is one-thousand. ALWAYS remind yourself of your self-worth. Nothing. NOTHING in the world can ever change your intrinsic value. I want you to remember this for life”

The write-up ended saying that the narrator got thanked with a standing ovation.
This was one of the finest motivating pieces I read recently.
Cool right? Share your thoughts in the comment box. :)


Yeah, you read it right. A chai will cost Rs.700.
Well, I am not talking about an ordinary chai which you will have on local streets. This tea, well I would call it with its classy name which it has got , Taj House Blend which is served at famous Taj Hotels will cost you Rs.700 each.
The tea which would cost roughly around five hundred for one along with the taxes will close at seven hundred rupees.
Taj hotels can be found in different places in our country and a quick run through Zomato will get a rough figure on the specialized prices at which tea is served there. We had a quick run through the prices of tea served at restaurants in Taj Mahal Palace. Out of 11 restaurants in Taj Mahal Palace, we have collected the data of 10 and have listed down. Have a look. ;) 
  1. Shamiana - The Taj Mahal Palace: Around 250INR                                        
  2. Wasabi By Morimoto - The Taj Mahal Palace: Around 450 INR             
  3. Starbucks Coffee - The Taj Mahal Palace: Around 200 INR
  4. Sea Lounge - The Taj Mahal Palace: Around 400 INR
  5. Masala Kraft - The Taj Mahal Palace: Around 450 INR
  6. Golden Dragon - The Taj Mahal Palace: Around 450 INR
  7. Souk - The Taj Mahal Palace: Around 400 INR
  8. La Patisserie - The Taj Mahal Palace: Not Available
  9. Harbour Bar - The Taj Mahal Palace: Not Available
  10. Aquarius - The Taj Mahal Palace: Around 450 INR

This would possibly be the best advertisement you've seen. Recently while going through the web stories I read a piece of an article where a mind blowing advertisement is showcased. I stood still for a minute think what a fucking brain these media kids have got. The level of brilliance is exceptional.

This is an ad of luxury car maker The Audi. The advertisement titled The Audi Ciavenna Commercial is available on youtube and I would be adding an embed video in the end so you can watch it.

This is how the abstract of the video goes.

Starting with mentioning  carmaker of Alfa Romeo on Design.

To the Mercedes for COMFORT.

VOLVO on safety.

And BMW for Sportness.                                                                       

And the ad ends like this


Watch Video Here:

Well, that wasn't a crappy caption to get you here. Once you are done reading this you'll admit that you never knew how exactly a toothpick should have been used. Umm, maybe a few will be knowing too. No Offense.

Have you ever wondered why that ridge-like pattern is created in one of the ends of the toothpick? I can guess few of the quick answers it's for fancy look,for the grip,blaah blaah blaah.. This is exactly why I told you don't know how to use it in the right way.

Now let me tell you the right way to use them. Next time when you head to a restaurant ,party or wherever just do this.
The correct way to use a toothpick is to break it like this. Like what right? See the pick added down.

Once you break it place the edge which you'll use in contact with your teeth exactly like this. The way the needle alike point should be placed on the broken piece.

Why is it done so?

Obvious question. The chance of toothpick getting contaminated if we place it down is obvious. So usually we go for two or more whenever we are in need. In case if you do like this the toothpick won't be contaminated and can be used for a number of times until the meal is over.

Do it next time and if anyone asks you how you know this don't feel hesitated to say that you read it at NoBakwaas.