I Bet You Always Used ToothPick Wrong Way

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Well, that wasn't a crappy caption to get you here. Once you are done reading this you'll admit that you never knew how exactly a toothpick should have been used. Umm, maybe a few will be knowing too. No Offense.

Have you ever wondered why that ridge-like pattern is created in one of the ends of the toothpick? I can guess few of the quick answers it's for fancy look,for the grip,blaah blaah blaah.. This is exactly why I told you don't know how to use it in the right way.

Now let me tell you the right way to use them. Next time when you head to a restaurant ,party or wherever just do this.
The correct way to use a toothpick is to break it like this. Like what right? See the pick added down.

Once you break it place the edge which you'll use in contact with your teeth exactly like this. The way the needle alike point should be placed on the broken piece.

Why is it done so?

Obvious question. The chance of toothpick getting contaminated if we place it down is obvious. So usually we go for two or more whenever we are in need. In case if you do like this the toothpick won't be contaminated and can be used for a number of times until the meal is over.

Do it next time and if anyone asks you how you know this don't feel hesitated to say that you read it at NoBakwaas.


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