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I recently read something on the web while I was doing my regular daily reading. It was one of the most motivating piece of read I ever saw. I didn't want to copy the exact thing over here so I would tell you the stuff in brief.

It happened in a workplace where the senior executive was giving a session. The session was about how high self-worth is in today’s competitive world.

This was what he did, He took out a Rs.1000 currency from his pocket and asked the peeps out there to assume this currency refers to each of them sitting over there, i.e., Each of you is worth Rs.1000.

Source: As in image.

Then he crumpled the currency like we do with the paper before it lands the waste bin. Then he said, "boys, this is the crumpled you, look.”
Then he dropped to the ground and stomped on it with his feet.
After a while, he picked it over and this is what he had to say to all those whose were sitting seeing this weird action.
“This currency is still worth thousand rupees. It may be soiled; it might be crumpled, but it still is one-thousand. ALWAYS remind yourself of your self-worth. Nothing. NOTHING in the world can ever change your intrinsic value. I want you to remember this for life”

The write-up ended saying that the narrator got thanked with a standing ovation.
This was one of the finest motivating pieces I read recently.
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