These Logo Hidden Meanings Will Make You WOW

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Here are few famous logos which you see in your daily life, and you never bothered to know why this. I Bet.

Baskin Robbins:

Yeah, the Caton born ice cream chain have been serving you with yummy coldies since 1954. I know the blue-pink logo always grabs your attention, how much ever hurry you're moving through the roads. Have you every wondered why this logo? Yeah, I do understand in the hurry of having ice cream who have got time to check with the logo in-depth right?

Look closely. What has written in pink ? 31. Yeah, the company is known for its 31 flavors slogan which implicates that a customer could have a different flavor every day in a month.


This courier service is quite famous all over the world. I wonder, have you ever noticed what has hidden in their logo other than FedEx written in plain text.
Check out what is there in between E and X in the logo.

Yeah, you got it. That arrow is facing forward. 


Much easy one. That arrow leading from a to z means what all variety of stuff Amazon have got.

Sun Microsystems:

The letter U arranged eight times this is how Sun Microsystems logo looks. Try reading it from different angles. ;)



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